Chef's Recommended Specials

¥10,000(Tax not included)

【Chef’s Recommended Specials (7 kinds of dishes)】
◆Assorted Sashimi
◆Fish dish

【Including the first drink】

You can mainly enjoy fish dishes including seasonal vegetable dishes.

Ingredients of dishes differs every day.

It takes about 2 hours for the course.

*Additional drink will be charged separately.

¥13,000(Tax included)

【Chef’s Recommended Specials (7 dishes)】

◆8 small dishes
◆Assorted Sashimi
◆Fish dishes
◆Meat dishes

【Including the fee of drinks】

This is a premier course which comes with extra meat dish onto the standard course.

Ingredients of dishes differ every day.

It takes about 2 and a half hours for the course.


First drink is free. From the 2nd drinks, it costs extra 500 JPY  / drink.

We have beer, Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey, homemade fruit drinks(alcohol),

non-alcohol beer, homemade fruit soda, green tea of Tsuboichi.

*Wines and  champagnes will be in a bottle and it costs extra fee for each bottle.

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